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ORock Gucci: Igniting Musical Taste and Making Statement.

Music is one of the many things that bring people together. Great musicians have always tried creating a unifying experience for people. They are the reason why people forget their boundaries and merge together in an experience.  

ORock Gucci is one such amazing musician from Jane and Finch, Toronto, Canada and has been making music ever since he was 8. Success is not offered to everyone on the silver platter and people who truly make a statement in the world achieve it by hard work, hustle and creativity.

Born in March, 1997, ORock Gucci knows how to make music that people will instantly connect with and much of its credit goes to his childhood that made him believe in the hard work and why hustle is important factor for one’s growth in music and other industries.

ORock Gucci told us that he grew up in a household where growing up was hard but he was supported by his parents which helped him climb the ladders of success. ORock’s raps are a rage among the youth and he is a prime example, why hard work matters the most in any field of area and pursuit.

O Rock told us that he creates music because it is necessary for the artists to transcend themselves and stand for something that is greater than themselves. By creating timeless music and rap tracks, ORock Gucci has been making it clear that he has no plan to leave the court and he will keep creating music for his people who find inspiration in him. ORock believes in originality and it is quite evident in his music as well. He wants to talk about his life and how it has been so far through music. The relevance is what people find the most in the hiphop and ORock’s music is relevant and relatable. 

His latest song Cut (Monkey Business) which features Maine Mill is one song that seems like a homerun hit for ORock Gucci. The song has amazing beat and lyrics which makes it an instant party banger and something that you would like to blast at your party with your friends. It is a song that you would not want to miss. 

ORock Gucci has a very long way to go, explore and inspire us and I am sure he will make his fans proud of him. ORock has been workig hard on his upcoming projects which also consists of a mixtape. He is really inspired by Gucci Mane and will keep releasing songs that his fans love and vibe with. We wish him all the best for all of his upcoming projects.