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    There are a lot of aspects of both art and artists that we don’t see in general. In music, everyone has their own style. There are many aspects that makes me as a Artist different from other artist – Littorious

    Ahmahd Isaiah Daniels known as “Littorious” raised and born in Staten Island, New York, the United States on January 21st, 1999 grew up in a neighborhood called Stapleton projects located in Staten Island, NY. He is an American Musical Artist, Singer-Songwriter. Littorious Started his own limited liability company LLC / record label called “Bag or no bag the label” (LLC) on December 7th, 2020.
    Career & Lifestyle

    Littorious love for music has always been within him since the day he can remember. It all started while He was in his room when He was five years old. He was there spitting, rapping, and he kept hearing this beat inside his head. The words began to come out and at the time they did not make sense. But it was not even the words He gravitated towards; it was the beat inside his head. The audio, the sound, and the rhythm were just up in his head flowing, and it was intense that even the words could not keep up with the speed at which the beat was developing. He would have rap battles with his siblings, and they would always laugh at me because He was not saying anything but instead, He was just constantly mumbling a beat.

    He was not saying anything relevant, at least that is what it appeared to be to them, but to him, it was not what he said that was important but instead it was what He did not say. He was rapping, He was spitting, and He was making sense. His siblings just did not know it yet because they could not see how his brain was processing these beats and formulating his sound. He knew where He was headed and where he was going and He was determined to figure out what all this meant. 

    He followed the melody, listened to the beat, gravitated towards the rhythm, and created the tune. He was the sound and He was the music. He made sense because He did not need words to create a sentence. Expressing himself through normal conversation was always a challenge for him, but He could send you a song and once you heard it you would know how he was feeling and what he needed to express to you. Yes, lyrics are descriptive, but the beat was my passion, the beat was me and through that beat, you knew everything; everything down to the core of my very existence. He did not think music was going to be such a major component in his life but growing up where He grew up, music is what keeps you sane. 

    He always had to be someone He was not but with music, there were no limits. There were no limits to who he could be or who he was and who he was becoming. Music always gave me a reason to keep going and helped him through many obstacles in his life.

    In his short but long life, He has been through a lot from being America’s biggest threat to the separation of his family to no one understands him or what he was feeling. He would be surrounded by so many people, but just always felt alone and constantly being overlooked. Music is all He could turn up to drown all this noise in his life. He is not perfect but through sound and audio, Littorious is able to come alive.

    You can follow him on Instagram :- @Littorious