December6 , 2023

    Adding luxuriousness to your cars with his impeccable car wrap services is young entrepreneur Stas Kravchuk.


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    Popularly known as Mr. Wraptors, Stas Kravchuk has taken the custom car wrap business to the next level with his brand “Wraptors Inc”.

    Amongst the many success stories that we hear every day, some success stories go ahead in touching us deeply and inspiring us more. Ever wondered what could be the reasons behind them being so different and so inspiring? Well, there could be several factors, but nothing beats a robust combination of passion, perseverance and resilience, believes an ace entrepreneur from Canada named Stas Kravchuk. This young man stands tall as one of the best examples of such rare success stories. Wonder why? He jumped into a business that wasn’t really touched by many, with the aim to offer something new and provide value to people through his services with his one of a kind custom car wrap business.

    In his early thirties, Stas Kravchuk is already making it huge with his business of a wrap boutique car customized shop in Canada, which is making waves in the industry as a unique and innovative brand. Wraptors Inc is his vision, which has attracted the attention of many car lovers, who love to deck up their cars with something special. This business is increasingly becoming popular, and more and more car lovers are opting for such incredible services. However, Wraptors Inc still stands unique in the markets for reasons more than one, under the strong leadership of Stas Kravchuk.

    What has made more headlines around Stas Kravchuk is his newest store opening in the 8th location in Tri-City (Kitchener, Waterloo, Cambridge) and 9th location in Barrie. He confesses that the journey wasn’t a cakewalk for him and the team as his business was categorized as non-essential during the pandemic, but he kept pushing and helped reach the brand to towering heights of success. It has now become a go-to brand and recognized as the biggest Wrap Boutique Car Customized shop in Canada.

    They offer unique services like paint protection, vinyl wraps, ceramic coating, and so much more, adding a luxurious look to the car and giving it a seamless finish. They also have a 10,000 square feet facility in Mississauga, Ontario and have six locations to serve customers better at Mississauga, Ottawa, Vaughan, Oakville, Toronto, East Ajax and Calgary.

    To know more, follow him on Instagram @mr.wraptors.